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Review: Husband Hunters, by Genevieve Gannon

Husband Hunters

Edition: 2014
Pages: 323
Editor: AUS Impulse


Three old friends team up to find life partners - this isn't love, this is business.
Clementine, a psychologist specialising in couples counselling, is reeling from the discovery that her boyfriend is married. Annabel, an ex-model, only seems to attract men who want her as a trophy. Daniela, a civil engineer, is stuck in the friendzone.
Abandoning the romantic notions of true love that haven't worked out for them, the three decide to use their considerable professional skills to find a partner. This isn't about hearts and flowers; it's about being practical.

Warm and witty, Husband Hunters is about what happens when you try to engineer love. For fans of Zoe Foster, Lauren Weisberger and Mhairi Macfarlane.

Rating: 3/5

I will start this review by saying that I received an online copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange of a honest review.

Feminine literature isn't one of my fortes but sometimes I like to read one or another to distract my mind during the busiest weeks.That was the main reason I choose to read "Husband Hunters" from Genevieve Gannon. I must say that in this kind of readings usually I'm expecting clichets and lot's of "I've seen this before", however since I know they are there for a purpose it doesn't upset me quite much. And although I did found some in this book I also found a scent of originality, which surprised me very much and made me read it with more pleasure.
The initial concept is what it is: 3 women looking for husband material, changing the premisses and the paradigms of first dates in order to improve their capability of choice with the aim to find the perfect fit. Of course it is to much constructed and rehearsed, which couldn't work well...
This book present us 3 different women, with different weaknesses, desires, expectations and dreams and definitions of what is a perfect man. What I liked the most is exactly the paradox of discovering that the essential true of good and well matched relationships doesn't appear from a guide of external factors but from the essence of each person.
I also enjoyed the balance between the romance with other subjects and secondary stories that gave a profundity to the plot and with style. Subjects such as relationships, feminism, entrepreneurship, prejudice, gender equality, death, perseverance and capability of dreaming were all explored, with the certain dosage, since this wasn't the kind of book to take them too serious and with profound analysis and reflections. But even so it was able to create a fun reading without goofy characters (just to be make fun on) and added a touch of originality to the story.
The other important idea is the possibility of starting again, of creating refreshing moments and the idea that having the courage to change isn't something just to the beautiful girls, or perfect ladies, but that is created from the courage of every single person -  they just need to want that.
About the author:
Addicted to the library Claudia loves to read on the move and we can usualy find her sitting in a train or bus reading while commuting to and from work. But don't be fooled she is also keeping an eye on the landscape and all around her. She is an avid defender of sustainability and volunteering and it's as easy to find her starting a new project as it is to find her chatting with her friends. She is a dreamer and loves good stories so she keeps looking for them in her personal life.

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