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Review: The Frog In The Tree by Paul Waters

The Frog in the Tree
by Paul Waters 
Edition: 2015
Pages: 34
Editor: First Edition Design Publishing
Reminiscent of The Wind in the Willows, The Frog in the Tree is a journey of discovery for both a frog and a baby crow who help each other overcome their fears and doubts. It is a tale of friendship and bravery and finally a family’s love at the end. 
Beautifully illustrated, the lilting storyline will carry the reader from beginning to end in a joyous melody of sight and sound.

Rating: 4/5

Sweet and caring this story revolves around family and being lost while keeping a magical perceptive of live. Froggy has been living on the trees for the past 100 days because he believes his family just doesn't care about him, he knows frogs shouldn't live in trees but that doesn't seem to mind him. He's adapted into his new world until a young crow falls into the river and he goes to help knowing that she will drown if he doesn't intervene. 
Seeing himself through the eyes of his new friend will help him understand that now all is what it seems and that family is a strong a bond. The pictures are beautiful and I am just sad they aren't all in color, I think it would be a marvelous addiction if they were so. 
The verses are clean and easy to read and this book would be wonderful to read at bedtime for children.

 Cat / Ki
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