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Review: Fairies 101, Doreen Virtue

Fairies 101
An Introduction To Connecting, Working, And Healing With The Fairies And Other Elementals
de Doreen Virtue
Edição/reimpressão: 2011
Páginas: 144
Fairies are very real and loving beings who want to help us live joyful, prosperous, and healthy lives. This book explains who the fairies are, how they're helping us, and ways to connect with their magical energy. It helps you learn how fairies aid people in finding lost objects, heal themselves and their pets, and help clean the environment.
Rating: 3,5/5
Like I promised one my first one-line review when I first finished this book I will now  review it properly.
I would like to start by saying that this book is visually stunning. The pages are fully coloured and the illustrations are breathtaking,  this is a very pretty book and a fantastic choice of gift if you know someone who loves fairies. Although it's short (not even 150 pages) it's fulfils it's duty as an introduction and it even gives several useful tolls to work with the fairies.
The only thing I always find rather lacking in Doreen's "introduction series" it's detailed information. I understand that the books are suppose to be a brief introduction but sometimes I feel like they are more about showing how the angels and fairies can help you rather than speak about them. Although I find it fascinating and love to read these real live stories I also feel a little cheated, I was after all promised an introduction to a theme and not a series of stories about people who meet fairies. Even so, Doreen always shares some information that helps you connect to her ideas and to the main theme of the book.
I am now reading Constant Craving by Doreen as well and I am enjoying it more than Fairies 101 because it seams more real. It also sounds more serious, we have some real stories as well (I think of them as Doreen's trade mark) but we also have Doreen explain the study she conducted and how she found out cravings and energy problems were related.
Of course one can always argue that food cravings are more real than "fairies" and so, one as more to go on and to write on, but Doreen Virtue is known as the Angel Lady because of all her books and work on the field. So maybe I still haven't found a great book about angels or fairies, but to tell you the truth I just have read this introductions ones and she has more books on these subjects so I am bound to find one that I will enjoy 100%.

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